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08/06/17 06:50 PM #1    

Diane Dick (Davis)

Did your life turn out like you thought it would at age 18? 

02/21/20 11:17 AM #2    


Judy Callahan (LaCroix)

Court reporting college was really great because I was blessed to attend each and everyday with Glenda Hightower (Barker). We had more fun than the law allowed. We did both graduate in record time. So, did not attend Sam Houston.

Flying is still my favorite thing to do. Learned to fly my uncle's single engine Cessna in my teens. Now, I fly with angels among us!!

02/22/20 10:01 AM #3    


William "Bill" Gulledge, III

I did not know you were a pilot! I learned to fly airplanes when I was 17 and went on to fly helicopters in the U.S Army. 

02/22/20 03:17 PM #4    


Dr. James Kliewer

The things you never knew about people! I started taking flying lessons at Atlas Aviation at the Hobby Airport (it was Houston International Airport then) in 1960, and although I worked as a physician, I did flight instructing and air taxi work until I was about 50 yrs. old. We should have had a flying club.

02/23/20 12:55 PM #5    


Judy Callahan (LaCroix)

You guys are the tried and true flyboys. I just learned the to map out direct flight plans, talk to the towers, etc. Life happened and never got a license. Maybe, when I grow up!!👩‍✈ī¸đŸ›Šī¸ My nephew is USAF.. I get to enjoy his Boomer Operator experience, and now military Drone experience. Now that's REALLY exciting stuff. Can't wait to receive REAL wings!!!

02/23/20 01:12 PM #6    


Judy Callahan (LaCroix)

Oh, BTW, I did work for the Dept of Transportation, FAA at JFK as QA Specialist Asst and Training Administration for Air Traffic Control. Did all investigation for accidents, incidents, etc. Office Administration. Got to listen to all air traffic from pilots and controllers. Loved that job!!

01/04/22 04:20 PM #7    

Jim Hall

Thanks to all my old friends for the many birthday wishes I recieved. It has been a great day of seeing some oldnames , only wish I could have spoken to a few! Hope all stay healthy , already wealthy and we all much wiser!!! Love my old school , was the best part of my life!

Jim Hall

08/29/23 07:29 AM #8    


David Keller

Janelle, I didn't really miss your birthday the other day, I was just waiting for the candle smoke to clear before attempting a message... Hey everybody, Janelle Spain Graves in way up in her 70's !  I told y'all at the reunion that I didn't realize that I had gone to school with so many old people !   That stuff aside, I hope you had a Happy Happy Birthday !  Hope to see you and Mark at the Class 75th Birthday Bash (I'm sure they are already working on it) and planning for the 75th Reunion too) !

David Keller

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