We all have one....that box of memories tucked safely away until we decide to clean out the attic or closet and rediscover it. It's a box covered in dust marked with permanent marker in big letters, "DO NOT THROW AWAY". What was so important that we'd save the items in that box for 50 years?

Recently, Bevil Smith Cohn, my childhood friend and fellow classmate, and I decided to find out. She traveled from her home in Waco, Texas, to my home in Katy, Texas and together we opened our treasure chests of memories. Among the scrapbooks, pictures, souveniers, and memorablia, we found these items from 1968 that we'd like to share with you.

So, what was so important that we saved it all those years?  It was friendship, memories, a reminder of our youth, a glimpse of our future, and all the hopes and dreams that would shape us into who we are today.  It was something that not only "should not" be thrown away, but also, something that "cannot" be thrown away.heart

If you have memories you'd like to share with the class, please send them to me at  for posting to our website.